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Date: 01/23/2023 - Upvotes : 319 - Words : 472

SuperHive 0.5.0: new fixes and new features

<p>Hello everyone! Please welcome the last update of <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, the next-gen blog engine which is fully based on your favorite blockchain.</p> <p><img src="" alt="New version available!" /></p> <p>Today, we have many things to see. What's new in this update ?</p> <h2>Fixes and updates</h2> <p>First, you can disable the &quot;developer mode&quot;. When you do that, <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> goes in &quot;Production mode&quot;:</p> <ul> <li>Code is minified for best performance,</li> <li>A cache is enabled to display each post faster.</li> </ul> <p>After that, <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> now uses the official <a href="">Hive PHP Lib</a>, to have a faster dev with better quality.</p> <p>About installation, it's now very easy to install <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>. Just clone the <a href="">GitHub repository</a> on your PHP server, go to your URL, and <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> can install his dependencies itself. After that, a setup script allow you to enter your account and login with HiveKeychain.</p> <p>Last but not the least, dead code is removed, some tweaks are made and security is improved.</p> <h2>New features</h2> <p>In administration, many users ask me a better way to create post. Now, you have a &quot;New post&quot; button in every admin page.</p> <p><img src="" alt="Look at the up-right corner, it's the New post button!" /></p> <p>You can made off-chain content with <strong>Pages</strong>! Each off-chain page you create will be stored in <code>/resources/blog/pages</code>. Don't forget they are off-chain so if you delete them, the content will be lost!</p> <p>For developer and contributors, There is a new controller for common actions, CommonController. The first function is genPostsFile() which generate the JSON file with every needed posts and data about them.</p> <h2>A word about code quality</h2> <p><a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> tries to be the best next-generation blog engine. That's why the code starts to follow many standards like PSR, PHP-PDS, etc. Some apps are used to help: PHPstan / Psalm / PHP_CodeSniffer.</p> <p>There are still some improvements to be made. Every issue will be fixed in the future. I really want the best quality for <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>.</p> <h2>The future</h2> <p>For the next release, I really want to create the module system. Every dev each developer will be able to create his or her own plugin for <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>.</p> <p>I'll try to add &quot;small&quot; features with that. I'll try to release a release per month. I don't know if I can but I'll try. Also, I think about to share the ToDo list with you.</p> <p>About the hosted version of <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, I really want to create the module system before that. You'll able to install every module on your hosted account.</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>Don't forget to tell me if you use <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, I can update the showcase ans can upvote your project post. If you like this project, don't forget to upvote, reblog and share this post.</p> <p>As usual, if you need a new feature, ask a question or give a feedback, don't forget to comment. You can also join the<a href=""> Discord server</a> to talk with us about <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> and other projects.</p> <p>Have a nice day!</p>

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<p>Cool. That means that I can install it by myself. 👍😎</p>
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wesphilbin :
<p>@superhive, @bambukah,</p> <br> <p>Proof that you can do <strong>anything</strong> you set your mind to! Thanks for everything you do for us on the blockchain!</p> <p>!LUV</p>
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kjsdrw :
<p>Sounds good, I have to check this out asap. Nice work! 😎👍</p>
beckyonweb :
<p>Hello, this is the first time I hear about SuperHive. Very promising project with a lot of potential. I think its biggest strength is it is blockchain-based so it's impossible to lose your content. I'll be following further development for sure. Thank you.</p>
roky :
<p>wow super Hive this name is like more powerful</p>
vinayj :
<p>Woow wounderfull.thanks for sharing these .it's sounds like superhive is Very powerfull</p>
p1k4ppa10 :
<p>I had never heard of it; I'll have to inform myself and try it for strength! Congratulations on the beautiful project.</p>