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Date: 03/23/2023 - Upvotes : 370 - Words : 531

SuperHive update : 0.6.0 release : 2000HP, small features and quick fixes

<p>I know, everybody waits for the plugin system and I don't finish it... I'm so sorry about that. I have plenty of personal/health problems but I never give up and I continue to code my projects, but slowly. If you want to know more about that, just read <a href="">this post</a>.</p> <p>Why do I do this update? Because many small fixes and small features are here and I prefer to release this time to add them to every early adopter of SuperHive.</p> <p>But before that...</p> <h2>2000 HP</h2> <p>SuperHive have reached 2000 HP! Thanks to all of your for your support. You're AWESOME, and I really want to push SuperHive to the next level, to the top speed!</p> <p>I think we need to increase truth on this blockchain, and HP is one of the ways to do that. Also, I try to prepare some new introductions and explanations posts to give the best information about SuperHive project and the vision behind it.</p> <p><img src="" alt="UpdateSuperHive060.png" /></p> <p>So, about the update, what's new?</p> <h2>Search</h2> <p>I finally include a small search engine into SuperHive. You can search any term in titles, text and tags. It's not a great feature, but it's done :)</p> <p><img src="" alt="Search form &amp; Tags list at the right" /></p> <h2>Tags are here</h2> <p>Yes, it's true! Now you can see the tags, and search in them, but you can also see the popular tags (only into the minimal theme at this time).</p> <p>Also, when you click on a tag, a page will display with all your posts with selected tag. Some of you use tags to create categories, now, you can see them directly on your SuperHive blog.</p> <h2>Administration</h2> <p><img src="" alt="Sample of new Administration dashboard" /></p> <p>The SuperHive administration panel have a little make-up and have a new small dashboard when you connect.</p> <p>For those who want settings, a new dedicated page with all settings is done. It's most easier and powerful to use.</p> <p>We now have a theme selector too! You could see all theme before enable it!</p> <p><img src="" alt="Start of the new themes selector" /></p> <p>Last thing, I fix some bugs in save function.</p> <h2>For developers</h2> <p>If you have your SuperHive instance in development mode and an error is happening, a new tool will be spawned: <a href="">Whoops php debugger</a>.</p> <p>The debug is easier and have some features to detect where is the error and how to fix it. For users, if you have an error, just copy/paste it to the official Discord server and I can fix it in a better and quicker way!</p> <h2>Other small changes</h2> <p>About Sitemap, I add all the pages (off-chain content) in sitemap to have a better SEO.</p> <p>I've also add some data in the about page (check YOUR_URL/about). Tell me if you want to add some information.</p> <p>I removed all unused classes/code in all PHP files of SuperHive. It's not much but it's more secure and faster display.</p> <p>Last, I change the icons of minimal theme to TypIcons because IconMonstr stop its CSS font :(</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>Hope you enjoy this release. Next time, I promise to release the plugin system! Also, Something great is coming soon (not about code ...).</p> <p>If you like my work, you can support it by upvote/reblog this post. If you have question, feedback or something else, feel free to comment.</p> <p>Have a very nice day!</p>

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mrscryptopanda85 :
<p>Thank you for sharing! I am learning more and more about this space</p>
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thekittygirl :
<p>This is awesome, especially the addition of the search feature! Bravo!</p>
jerrytsuseer :
<center> # ↑Upvoted↑and←Reblogged→</center> I hope you and I feel better soon
ecency :
<p><strong>Yay!</strong> 🤗<br>Your content has been <strong>boosted with Ecency Points</strong>, by @superhive. <br>Use Ecency daily to boost your growth on platform! <br><br><b>Support Ecency</b><br><a href=";approve=true">Vote for new Proposal</a><br><a href="">Delegate HP and earn more</a></p>
seckorama :
<p>That's great! Maybe it's really time to start thinking seriously to install the Superhive on my main domain. I don't have enough time right now, but maybe in summer, on vacation 😎 I'll have. !BEER</p>
beerlover :
<div class='pull-right'><p><sup><a href=''>View or trade </a> <code>BEER</code>.</sup></p></div><center><br> <p>Hey @superhive, here is a little bit of <code>BEER</code> from @seckorama for you. Enjoy it!</p> <p>We love your support by voting @detlev.witness on <a href=''>HIVE</a> </a>.</p> </center><div></div>
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ramindi1 :
<p>Congratulations superhive🥳🥳</p>
freecompliments :
<p>This is great work! Maybe if I decide to actually create my own independent blog at some point (not only for Hive activities), then I'll use this platform, as I'm already familiar with Hive's interface. 😊</p>
wesphilbin :
<p>@superhive... @bambukah ...</p> <br> <p>Here you are, dealing with your condition, as well as the many things we are all experiencing in the world. Yet you're stepping up, and adding new features and updates!</p> <p>It's one thing, to have a site that's awesome. Even better, when the Dev that created it, puts as much into it, as you do!</p> <p>!LUV !giphy Awesome</p>
georgehive :
<p>Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us. 🙏</p>
academician :
<p>Awesome work there! There will be some good use in it for using Hive posts as personal portfolio in different situations.</p>
woelfchen :
<p>Hey :)</p> <p>What is this about?</p>
weone :
<p>This is a great update. Will test this soon now!!!</p>
weone :
<p>Keep up the good work @bambukah!</p> :
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