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Date: 09/24/2023 - Upvotes : 432 - Words : 816

SuperHive update 0.8.0 : HiveFest, analytics, community, writing, ...

<p>Hello everyone! I've worked hard to build this update. And I can release it just in time with #HiveFest and don't forget, you can follow this event <a href="">here</a> !</p> <p><img src="" alt="SuperHive logo with a light background" /></p> <p>I have so many features for you. I need to thank all of <a href="">HiveLive discord</a> users. they helped me so much! Thank you guys. (@tibfox, @unklebonehead, @mercadomaestro, @seckorama and much more...)</p> <p>Before start, I add all these features and fixed with one idea in mind: The use must be as simple as I can do. After install, is very easy to use without tech. But this project has built-in SEO, performances tweaks and security stuff. <em>Forget about tech, just write</em>.</p> <p>So, what's new in this update ?</p> <h2>Writing/reading extra features</h2> <p>Maybe you don't know, but there are plenty of Markdown flavors. On <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, I really want to add more features and beauty. That's why I've switched to GitHub Flavored Markdown! Why ?</p> <h3>Anchors on titles/headers</h3> <p>Many users use these anchors to create a small Table of Content or links to the titles. Now, why <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, it's fully automated! Each title has a small link.</p> <p><img src="" alt="Test with @bambukah post, there is # link before title" /></p> <p>And when you share a post, you can also share the title to go directly to the good part of the post.</p> <h3>Embedded links</h3> <p>When you put a service link (Like Youtube, Twitter, ...), the links is now automatically converted into an embedded player! At this time, I use <a href="">oEmbed</a> engine and support already 297 providers. This is the first part and the next step will be to add every HIVE services embedded players :)</p> <h3>Other features</h3> <p>Some features are also added to the editor like:</p> <ul> <li>better table support</li> <li>Tasks lists</li> <li>Strike (with <code>~~</code>)</li> <li>no more <code>&lt;script&gt;</code> or <code>&lt;xmp&gt;</code> available</li> <li>Autolinks</li> </ul> <hr /> <h2>Community-focused feature</h2> <p><a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> can now receive a community and all members can write for it! When you install <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>, the only thing you must do is to link the community account (start with <code>hive-</code>) and log with it. That's All!</p> <p><img src="" alt="Just a community test between @superhive and @diyhub" /></p> <p>Each hive user can log into your <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> instance and the only thing he can do is create a new post. Because it's based on HIVE blockchain, each post will be seen on every interface: PeakD, Ecency, Hive.Blog and others.</p> <p>This is the first step of a bigger world for communities in <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>. I want to add some features, just for them.</p> <hr /> <h2>Admin panel update</h2> <h3>Analytics integration</h3> <p>Many users ask this feature, and it's now a reality: <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> have analytics integration! To start, I've chosen three analytics services</p> <ul> <li>Google Analytics</li> <li>Matomo</li> <li>Plausible</li> </ul> <p>To enable this, just go to your dashboard in the settings section and enable Analytics by choosing your service and enter your data. Don't forget to save ;)</p> <p><img src="" alt="The new block for analytics in Admin panel" /></p> <p>For designers who have a custom theme, don't forget to add this line into your theme before <code>&lt;/head&gt;</code>:</p> <pre><code class="language-twig">{% include '/analytics.html' %} </code></pre> <h3>Small other features</h3> <p>When you log into your <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> instance, you can now see all your posts count but also your comments count at a glance.</p> <p>You also have the choice of the delay between Blockchain refresh in the settings. Your <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> instance will check every xxx seconds on the blockchain to get all your blog data. If you don't post frequently, just use a bigger delay, and your blog will be faster to display if user don't need to check the blockchain.</p> <hr /> <h2>Front-end features</h2> <p>I don't forget UX/UI experts who ask me 2 small but powerful function.</p> <p>The first one is to add the five most popular posts. To decide that, I just sorted that by the number of comments. It's a good metric to see which posts are the most successful.</p> <p>The other one is to see the five last posts in the sidebar (or everywhere in your theme). It's a great shortcut for users.</p> <p>You can see these in the sidebar on my [personal <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> instance](</p> <hr /> <h2>Bug fixes</h2> <p>Last but not the least, small bugs fixed are added:</p> <ul> <li>Pages system recover</li> <li>Tag selection display in Admin settings</li> <li>Community posts fetching error</li> <li>Bug fix with images from Liketu</li> </ul> <hr /> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>This is one of the largest update I've ever made for <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a>. And I'm really happy for that. Many users help me for this one and it's AWESOME.</p> <p>Now, if I continue like this, <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> can be a real-world competitor for other CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and other traditional blog engines. The road will be long (like my ToDo list) but the road will be wonderful.</p> <p>I really want to thank again all the <a href="">HiveLive discord</a> users for the support these last few days.</p> <p>As usual, you can get this update on <a href="">GitHub</a> . If you want to support my work, don't forget to up-vote and share this post. And if you want to give feedback, ask questions or just say hello, the comment section is OPEN!</p> <p>Take care of you and see you soon &lt;3</p>

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diyhub :
<p>Thank you so much for the awesome and super quick work dude :) You are a beast! We are super excited how it will look and feel in future mate! Great work</p> <center><a href=""><img src=""></a></center>
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wanderingmoon :
<p>Interesting but how do you use it? I see no place to log in. 🤔🤔</p>
achim03 :
<p>Great job! Nice to see what you have developed. I run several projects and I really like the TD feature. It would be great if it was possible to define how many tokens should be sent (at the moment only full available amount seems possible) and a memo text would also be great :-)</p>
mein-senf-dazu :
<p>How to add a feature request?</p> <p>Looks great!</p>
vimukthi :
<p>This is amazing work! Thank you for your contributions. I don't use CMS systems myself. A regular HIVE front end is good enough for me. There will be others who want to have their own front end and a personal blog beyond @peakd @ecency etc. Best of Luck for the future! !PIZZA !LUV !CTP</p>
pizzabot :
<center>PIZZA! <p>$PIZZA slices delivered: @vimukthi<sub>(1/5)</sub> tipped @superhive</p> </center>