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Date: 07/22/2023 - Upvotes : 271 - Words : 435

SuperHive update v0.7.0 : New logo, new fixes, new tweaks

<p>YES, a new update ! As you can see in last @bambukah posts, all his tools have an update and <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> is not missing !</p> <p>This little update is important for the future. This project need to have the best quality to have the best update before the public adoption and that's the start point of this update.</p> <h2>New logo and UI</h2> <p>It's time to reveal the new logo and the new UI. As you can see in other @bambukah project, all project have now the same graphical universe.</p> <p><img src="" alt="New SuperHive logo" /></p> <p>But a new logo cannot be alone, and that's why the admin interface is now powered by the new PicoCSS v2 framework This new framework is now clearer and look familiar to <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> users.</p> <p>Also, the administration panel have the Nord color palette (like my others projects like <a href="">MultiStaker</a> or <a href="">TokenDistrib</a>).</p> <p><img src="" alt="Login panel in dark or light theme" /></p> <h2>Tweaks &amp; fixes</h2> <p>The installation script is now ore powerful and no bugs are found. I've also fixed the problem with the <code>config.sample.json</code>. Now, this file is copied for installation and no longer produce this installation error.</p> <p>I use help of many PHP tools (<a href="">PHP Insights</a>, <a href="">PHPStan</a> and <a href="">Psalm</a>) to remove bad and messy code. The result is now a more powerful, secure and efficient HIVE blog engine.</p> <p>About user theme, I removed Tailwind2, Celeste and Classic themes from repo. They are now on the <a href="">superhive-themes</a> GitHub repository. It's better for further development and UI improvements. The official theme is now the minimal one.</p> <h2>Code Quality</h2> <p>As with all my other projects, this <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> update comes with a real code quality improvement. Now, this project is fully PHP standards compliance.</p> <p>Many classes and functions are refactored and the use of <a href="">Slim-Bridge</a> bring <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> code to a new level of efficiency and performance.</p> <p>In order to measure the code quality, I use <a href="">Scrutinizer</a>, a great tool for Continuous Integration with many analysis rules. And <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> have now a 9.59/10 for code quality !</p> <p><img src="" alt="SuperHive code quality score" /></p> <p>With this code improvements, the code is now readable for all PHP developers and contributors. Even if it's means better thoroughness, next updates will be of higher quality.</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>This update incorporates <a href=""><strong>SuperHive</strong></a> in a wider universe. Take a look at my <a href="">other projects</a> to see that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this update.</p> <p>If you want to support my work, don't forget to reblog and/or upvote this post. If you have any question or feedback, feel free to comment.</p> <p>Don't forget: I'm also the my <a href="">Discord Server</a> if you want to get in touch.</p>

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weone :
<p>Gret work...</p>
seckorama :
<p>So, is it time to install this on my main server or to wait another round?</p>
engrave :
<p>Congrats on the progress and kudos for using code quality tools!</p>
tonybad :
<p>Awesome - Great work for the community<img src="" alt="Happy Birthday GIF by Digital Pratik" /></p>